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Linda Tabbush

The paintings of Linda Tabbush represent a sort of continuum of a life turned inside-out, and then outside in. Vivid colors, topographic, high-relief texture and bold brushstrokes highlight an artist who has traveled around the globe and back again over decades of change.

Although many of Linda's themes would be considered traditional and are the result of her deep experience with exotic cultures, there is nothing traditional about the art of Linda Tabbush. Whether she is painting a glorious field of flowers or an emotional abstract, Linda's essence is captured by a consistent mixture of extremes and opposites that seem to make an inordinate amount of practical sense when viewed. High contrasting colors and textures, heavy matte surfaces set off by glossy highlights, and esoteric landscapes projected in a most revealing and compulsory form offer the viewer a look into Tabbush's interpretation of the many people, places and emotions she visits, revisits and then visits once again throughout her life of travel. Decades of "art therapy" have refined the tactile, edgy paintings for which Tabbush is known today.

Linda Tabbush's Art Studio
Linda's Art Studio

Born in Tennessee, Linda Tabbush majored in art history at Washington University in St. Louis. A professional traveler and travel advisor, Linda ran two large agencies while she continued to develop her work in oil paints. Tabbush switched to acrylic paint as her primary medium of choice in order to more aggressively explore the wild nature of her more abstract works. Linda continues to take workshops and develop her personal painting style at her studio in Los Angeles, California.

"When my original partner in travel and I had decisions to make where we needed guidance, we went to an art therapist and, through drawing with pencils, found critical information about how we felt about our business and what was it's magnitude in our lives, in general," says Linda.

"Shortly after, I was in a 6 women painting class, directed by my art therapist, Harron Kelner, where I only painted hard edge oils. I realized at that time, after about a year, that I was unable to run a business and give my attention to painting, as well."

When Linda closed her offices in 2006, she had time and was able to put her eccentric, creative personality into her paintings. A palette knife is a commanding tool for Linda, giving her the ability to paint in sweeping strokes creating a bit of turbulence in her work.


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